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Teaching Philosophy

Chinalingua School was established in 2003. It is a language school registered by Singapore Ministry of Education. 

Our teaching philosophy is to conduct high-quality teaching based on small classes, to provide professional and systematic teaching and guidance with practical and effective teaching materials. 

Teaching 2-3 students in a class, a teacher is able to conduct adequate dialogue practices and interactive activities with students while giving professional explanations. 

Thus, the students’ listening, oral, reading, writing and translation ability are fully improved and they are guaranteed to make more progress with less efforts. 





🌼chinalingua School 成立于2003 年,是新加坡教育部的注册学校。

About Teachers

Rinka Zhao

Principal Rinka Zhao is proficient in Japanese language and second language teaching. 

She has studied Japanese for 40 years, during which she did Japanese translation for 10 years and has conducted the foreign language teaching for 30 years. 

Therefore, she has got very rich experience in teaching Japanese. She has used Japanese to write a series of five textbooks since the first book was published in Japan in 2009. 

This series of textbooks have become the best sellers of language study for 11 consecutive years in Japan Kinokuniya Bookstore.





🌼校长赵玲华(Rinka Zhao)精通日语,精通外语教学。学习日语40年,做日语翻译10年,从事外语教学30年,有着丰富的教授日语的经验。她用日语写了五本教材,2009年在日本出版发行,连续11年成为日本紀伊国屋書店(Kinokunoya Book store Japan)的语言学习畅销书。

Ms. Rinka Zhao put her heart and soul into writing a series of five intensive course books which were published in Japan.



The course books have become the best sellers for over ten years in all major bookstores of Japan.

The first textbook was ranked number one among Chinese teaching materials in Kinokuniya Shinjuku Bookstore for four consecutive years from 2016 to 2019

🌸この【本気で学ぶ中国語 】シリーズの書籍は、日本の大型書店「紀伊國屋」で10年以上ベストセラーとして売れ続けています。


【本気で学ぶ中国語 】第1本书连续2016-2019 连续四年在日本kinokuniya 书店 新宿(shinjyuku)本店 中文教材销售排名第一。

Professional Teachers

Under the leadership of Ms. Rinka Zhao, Japanese and Chinese teachers of the Japanese language courses have received professional training. 

They not only can speak Chinese, English and Japanese but are also proficient in foreign language teaching. 

They are able to conduct professional teaching in a systematic way so that students can enjoy learning Japanese more effectively. 




🌼在她的培训和领导下,chinalingagua School 的日本人日语老师还有华人日语老师们即会说日语、英语和中文又精通外语教学,可以非常专业系统地对学生进行专业指导,让学生快乐地高效地学好日语。学校保证学生可以取得事倍功半的学习效果。在上了十次课以后,学生们就可以用精准漂亮的日语发音做自我介绍并进行准确流畅的简单的日常会话。日语学生们在学习过程中没有瓶颈,没有挫折,所有有的学生都十分享受学习的快乐。

Professional teachers (proficient in Japanese, English and Chinese)

practical and effective Japanese teaching material

Students’ Learning Path &

Our school guarantees that all students will make more progress with less effort. 

After taking 10 lessons students are able to use spot on pronunciation to give a self-introduction and conduct simple daily conversations accurately and fluently. 

They do not experience any bottleneck or set-back during their learning process so all of them greatly enjoy the learning process. 





Teaching students to write Hiragana and Katakana neatly and accurately.

Students learned so many Japanese words and dialogues after two lessons (3 hours).

Learning Path

10 Lessons

15 – 20 hours

students are able to introduce themselves fluently and accurately with spot on pronunciation.



10 Lessons

30 Lessons

45 – 60 hours

students are able to use Japanese to conduct simple daily conversations.



30 Lessons


75 – 100 hours

students will have no obstacles in their daily conversations. They can use the language to communicate with local Japanese when traveling in Japan.





Please take a look at the video of our student’s Japanese speech below. 
(Sherry is 13 and she is studying at an international school. She took 18 lessons at our school, once a week, 1.5 hour each time, totally 27 hours)


🌼请看以下学生的日语讲话和视频。(sherry 13岁 读国际学校。在我校上了18次课(一周上一次课,一次1.5个小时,一共27 个小时。)

Lesson schedule

Date Time
Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 11am - 6pm

Students can choose any time to take lessons at their convenience.



Tuition Fees

Mini Group

1.5 hours x 10 lessons

$ 500 00
per person
  • 2-3 students per group
  • 1.5 hours per lesson
  • 10 lessons (15 hours)
  • Duration: 12 weeks

Personal (1.5hrs)

1.5 hours x 10 lessons

$ 1,200 00
per person
  • individual lesson
  • 1.5 hours per lesson
  • 10 lessons (15 hours)
  • Duration: 12 weeks

Personal (1hr)

1 hour x 10 lessons

$ 800 00
per person
  • individual lesson
  • 1 hour per lesson
  • 10 lessons (10 hours)
  • Duration: 12 weeks

Promoting language &
cultural exchanges

While teaching Japanese language at school we also strive to introduce and promote Japanese culture.

We introduce interesting and meaningful Japanese TV programs to students and teach them to make homemade Japanese dishes.

We also arrange seminars for students to practice speaking with Japanese people.

You will be sure to enjoy the rich experience of studying Japanese at Chinalingua and achieve substantial progress with great value.






teachers and students are gathering at Principal’s home

introducing homemade Japanese food

dining at Japanese Association


400 Orchard Rd
#05-08 Orchard Towers
Singapore, 238875

email: chinalingua@gmail.com
Tel: 9322 3590 (WhatsApp ok)
Wechat: masanori0924

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